Electrical Quiz #2

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1) The Diac is like the thyrister because it is a special purpose bidirectional diode semiconductor device.
2) When a triac is connected into an AC circuit, it is a:
3) One example of an opto-electronic component which is sensitive to light is the:
4) What causes the reed contacts of a reed relay to close?
5) A triac will conduct:
6) A solid state relay, SSR, contains how many moving parts?
7) What is the single most important advantage of the solid state relay?
8) Solid state relays which are used to control AC load circuits usually have a ________ connected to the load side instead of a power transistor.
9) A good thermocouple normally produces about how many millivolts?
10) Electronic air filters should only work when the fan is running to prevent possible buildup of what?

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