Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Quiz #1

Good luck on this RSES Twin Cities Quiz...
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1) A thermostatic expansion valve properly selected, adjusted and installed performs the following functions.
2) Absolute pressure is obtained by...
3) The crankcase pressure regulating valve:
4) The purpose of a suction line accumulator is to:
5) Wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures are the same at:
6) A typical cooling tower requires about how many CFM per ton?
7) What part of a refrigeration system has the greatest superheat?
8) Suction risers are normally sized for oil return on the basis of what? [Choose most important item]
9) How will a capillary tube that is too long affect a condensing unit?
10) A walk-in cooler used to store meats should have a coil to box temperature differential of what?

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