Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Quiz #2

Good luck with this RSES Twin Cities quiz...
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1) Which of the following gauges would you use to check a leaky suction valve in a compressor head?
2) A ton of refrigeration or air conditioning capacity is equal to:
3) Cooling can best be accomplished, when the refrigerant is in the:
4) The heat rejected from an air conditioning system equals about:
5) Sensible heat may be defined as the heat that is required to:
6) What is meant by the expression...Refrigeration Effect...
7) Latent heat may be defined as the heat required to:
8) In which of the following parts of a refrigeration system is superheat the greatest?
9) In selecting the size of condensing units, capacity is calculated at its:
10) How many BTU's must be added to 10 pounds of ice stored at 20 degrees fahrenheit to convert it to water at 35 degrees fahrenheit?

Hope you enjoyed this quiz and come back soon!