Our local RSES Chapter has a host of training material available to all active members free of charge.  Training aids we have will prepare you for most any exam or certification you may wish to pursue.
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Materials available:                                                                                
    - Technical Institute Manual.  (The latest 3 volume set)
    - TradeTools and Test Equipment (2 copies)
    - Compressors
    - Principals of Refrigeration

    - Refrigerants and Oils
    - Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Pumps, and Valves (2 copies)
    - Evaporators

    - Air Conditioning Principals and Psychometrics
    - Metering Devices
    - Electrical (2 copies)

    - Air Flow, General Principals
    - Air Distribution Equipment (2 copies)
    - Hydronics

    - Condensers and Cooling Towers
    - Instruments and Controls
    - Filters and Air Cleaning (2 copies)

    - Pneumatic Controls
    - Piping
    - Accessories

    - Safety

Guidelines for use:
    - You must be a current member of RSES.
    - Materials may be checked out for 1 month periods only.
    - Member is responsible for returning complete and in good condition.
        - Member will be charged to replace damaged or manuals not    
           returned. (Latest manuals cost $125 each!)
    - Members may check-out only one manual at at time.

How to obtain training materials:
    - Materials will be kept at:
        Minvalco, Inc.
        3340 Gorham Avenue
        Minneapolis, MN    55426
    - Contact person:
        Jim Senst...
        Phone #                952-920-0131
        Cell Phone #       952-484-7511
        E-Mail address   


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